The Finish Line: What to do AFTER the Prospect Says “Yes!”

by | Jul 15, 2020 | Blog

Imagine you’re watching a race. One runner has a considerable lead over the competition and the finish line is just a few dozen yards from him. 

Victory seems certain, but suddenly, he stops short to chat with someone in the crowd. Before you know it, he’s dead last.

It sounds crazy, doesn’t it? Imagine throwing away victory at the last moment.

Sadly, it happens all too often in sales.

It’s easy to put so much focus on getting the prospect to say “yes” that you may not consider what to do AFTER they have made the buying decision.

Even experienced salespeople often hear a “yes” from the client but continue to discuss the features and benefits of the deal.

Whether caused by nervousness or overenthusiasm, you can find yourself babbling about your product as your formerly convinced client loses interest in the deal.

When you hear a “yes”, “let’s do it”, or “I’m ready to buy”, here is what you need to do: stop PITCHING and start DELIVERING.

You don’t need to say another word about the features of your product or the compelling reasons they should buy. The prospect has already decided to buy, and they are interested in the next steps.

Overpitching your product gives no value to your prospect, and may actually be harmful to the deal.

The more you delay next steps by over-explaining your offer, the further you move from the focus and interest of the prospect.

That’s when they start to second guess. A surefire deal can turn sour right before your eyes.

Avoiding this outcome is simple; keep the sales process focused on the prospect.

It’s about THEM, not you or your product. They have a problem, and your offer is the solution. The goal of your pitch is to identify the problems facing the prospect and to educate them on the aspects of your offer which solve those problems.

Once you’ve achieved those goals and the prospect has decided to buy, further analyzing and explaining is a waste of their time and yours.

Once they give the green light, get started on delivery. Process the payment, enroll them in the program, schedule the delivery date; take the next step, whatever form it takes.

Selling is a relationship. Every step in the process, from the initial offer to the delivery and results of their purchase has an impact on your relationship. Moving forward at the pace of the prospect demonstrates your respect for their time and that you have their interests at heart.

Every moment after the prospect agrees is an opportunity to begin demonstrating value for your client. Stop talking; start doing.

Refine the process of smoothly transitioning clients from the sale to delivery. The better their experience, the stronger your business relationship will be.

So next time you’re at the end of the race, cross the finish line and look good doing it!