4 Steps to Landing Your Dream Client

by | Aug 11, 2021 | Blog

Whether you’re a sales manager working for a huge conglomerate or you’re a brand new entrepreneur just launching your business, you probably have a client you dream of landing. 

You can land that dream client if you think strategically and implement the right steps. Check out four steps toward landing your dream client and discover the resource that can help you make it happen. Like any aspect of your business, landing them requires work, commitment, and focus. You will need to devote time and energy toward doing these four steps. 

1. Know Who Your Dream Client Is

Before you can land your dream client, you have to know who they are. What kind of personality do they have? What is their position within their company? What are their strengths and weaknesses? What are areas of sensitivity to them? This is called creating a “persona,” much like creating a character in a book. You will have to do some research on people you identify as “dream clients” in order to create your dream client persona. The more you understand about this persona, the easier it will be for you to communicate with them and help them understand how they’ll get value out of your product. This will also help you understand how to approach them and how to talk with them. Referring to topics your dream client is interested in and issues they deal with will make them feel that you understand them and their needs. 

2. Know How to Engage Prospects

Once you have defined what you’re looking for, it’s time to start reaching out to prospects. Whether you’re working from a cold-call list or you have a number of good leads laid out, you need to make contact. Now that you know who your dream client is, you’ll have a head start on knowing how to engage them. 

Create messaging based on what you know they like, what they don’t like, and what gets them excited. If you’ve defined your client properly, your words will click, and they’ll be interested in what you’re putting out there. You can also create quality content specifically for them so you can share it when you contact them. Quality content that’s useful to them will start building trust between you and your dream client. If your efforts don’t work right away, don’t give up—keep working at it.

3. Research Their Business

Once you pinpoint a specific dream client you’d like to land, start researching their business and its industry. Not only does this person want to be understood, but they need to know that you understand their business. You want to learn as much as you can about their company and what they do. Use industry websites and publications to learn what changes and challenges the industry is encountering overall. Try to figure out what challenges and goals the company may have, and more specifically, a person in your prospect’s particular position has. The more prepared you are to discuss their business, the more likely your prospect will be to trust you with their business. 

4. Reel Them in and Close

When someone does respond to your brand and your message, take time to reel them in at the right pace. Take the engagement to the next level and focus on showing the value you’d bring to them and their business. Answer their calls and questions quickly and thoroughly, as well as with authority. Think about what objections or concerns they might have ahead of time, especially ones dealing with your competitors. Knowing how you will respond will help you share your product’s advantages and answer with confidence and reassurance. 

Attain and Maintain

After you onboard your dream client, you’ll need to build and maintain that relationship. Start by exceeding all their expectations of you. Always go that extra step to cater to their needs, helping them to see your services as something they can’t do without. Going above and beyond has a cascading effect: not only will you keep that dream client on the hook, but they might also refer you to others. A cycle of referrals can lead to unexpected growth in your business.

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