Get Sales Leads – The RIGHT Way!

by | Nov 18, 2020 | Blog

If you are like most people in sales, you have had experiences of feeling rejected. That’s because you’ve been taught a rejectable approach. Sales Arbiter brings you a totally new approach that leaves rejection behind and opens the door for you to thrive in your sales role.

Here’s how it typically goes when you approach sales using a traditional sales system:

  • Prospect … get rejected
  • Pester some more … get rejected
  • Beg for a meeting … get rejected
  • Stop in unannounced and annoy … get rejected
  • Sit for a courtesy appointment … get rejected
  • Overcome objections … get rejected seven times
  • Quit the sales business … feel like a reject

Why would anyone want to sign up for that life?

The Sales Arbiter team loves our job as salespeople. That’s because we have a different approachーone that eliminates rejection altogether. Here is how your sales job goes when you adopt the Sales Arbiter approach:

  • Prospect … No rejection! 
  • Market … No rejection! 
  • Close leads … No rejection! 
  • Earn money … Feel like a Winner!

You’ll notice it begins with prospecting. Prospecting the right way will set you on a course to avoid rejection throughout that process. To achieve this, you need to qualify prospects solely based on whether or not they should be included in your pipeline.

Simply put, your prospecting should be designed to move people into your pipeline who answer yes to one qualifying question. This question is designed around the one characteristic, or premiere attribute, that they must possess to be a good prospect for your service or product.

For example, if you are in staffing, the premiere attribute is whether or not the client uses staffing companies. So, the question would be, “Do you guys use staffing companies to help with any tough‐to‐fill positions, and if so, who would I need to speak with?

How easy is that? They are either qualified to move on to the next step in the process or they are not. You are not asking to do business with them; you are not asking if they like you; you are not asking them to do anything for you. There is absolutely no way for them to reject you.

This is just the beginning of a productive sales journey! Are you interested in learning the rest of the no-rejection sales approach from Sales Arbiter? Contact us today to learn how you can move from dreading rejection to looking forward to each prosperous day of working with a steady stream of interested buyers.